Personalization Services

Personalization allows you to create individually personalized print pieces. For example this diploma (printed with our metallic gold dry ink) is a simple personalization. Personalization can be as simple as just adding a name to a printed piece. In the case of a mailer, adding the person's name to the main heading is simple, or you can be more effective by personalizing the piece so that one person gets the offer that interests him and another gets an offer that interests them. The pieces can look the same except for the offer.

It is now possible to personalize every element of a direct mail package, without the expense of multiple print runs. For example, you can create a 4-color brochure in which everything from the text to the photos are personalized based on particular fields in your database.

4 Ways to Use Personalization:

  1. The easiest way to personalize your mailing is to use the recipients First Name somewhere besides the address block. It makes the piece more conversational, and more personal. People love to see their name in print.
  2. If you have Gender in your database/spreadsheet you can segment your list in another easy way. In many cases women look at an offer differently than men. Use that to your advantage by presenting your offer with targeted language and graphics.
  3. Use personalization with other data you know about your target audience. If you know the amount of donation last year, remind them of that amount when asking for an increased amount this year. If they bought "tops" offer them "bottoms". If they bought tires with free tire rotation, offer to rotate their tires when they come in for an oil change. No matter your industry, you can use what you know about your prospects and customers to enhance their response rate.
  4. Timing can be a form of personalization. When you know a group of customers should be coming in again soon, send them a reminder. Dentists and optometrists are on to this in a big way. Birthday cards and offers are included here. How can a timed offer work for you?

    Personalization is just good relationship management. People are drawn to companies that communicate better. It's a win-win situation.

    Personalization can be the change that gets your direct mail response to the next level.