Envelope Printing & Mailing Services

With Star Digital Print's mailing services, it takes almost no effort on your part to launch fast, accurate, and effective direct mail campaigns.

Mailing Lists

If you need a profitable list of names and addresses for your mailing, we can purchase a list for you that is focused on people who would likely find interest in your products. The list is then yours to use for one year. Pricing of lists varies by number of names on the list, but generally is about .20 each for a list of 500 and .11 each for a list of 5000 and .08 each for a list of 15,000 names.

Mail List Processing

Total Address Quality: CASS Certified™ with DPV™ logic, Star Digital Print standardizes, validates and barcodes your addresses, rewarding you with automation discounted postage rates, faster mail delivery, and a reduction in returned undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail. Eliminating mailing to non-existent addresses.

Stay Up To Date As Addresses Change: To satisfy Postal requirements your list is compared to the Postal Service' National Change of Address database to find updates to your address list. Utilizing NCOALink® technology we make immediate change-of-address modifications for individual, family, and business moves before your mail enters the mail stream. This service is included at no additional charge.

Removing Duplicates: Further reduce postage, printing charges and customer irritation by removing duplicates using soundex (sounds like) and exact match technology. You can request the removal of duplicate records by person, household, or company. Presorting and Postal paperwork: Our address processing software is PAVE™ Certified and the presort process provides maximum postal discounts. And of course all of the required Postal documentation for each mailing is produced as well.

Indicia or Stamps: We mail your jobs through our local Postal Service business mail entry unit using our mailing permit. In order for Star Digital Print to mail your job, your artwork must include our indicia. It's not necessary to add the indicia to your artwork; we will add the appropriate indicia (Standard or First-Class) during the prepress process, according to the postage type you designate on your order. There is no additional charge to use our indicia. Alternatively, you can select "Affix Postage Stamps" on your order and we will affix Standard Bulk Rate stamps or Non-Profit stamps to your mail piece.

Non-Profit Mailings: Star Digital Print can mail your Non-Profit mail using your Postal Service permit number or using our permit number. To use our permit number, simply provide us with your Postal Non-profit Authorization Number. There is no additional charge to use our indicia and permit number.

Valuable Add-on Services

Personalization: Personalization or Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a process where text and pictures may be changed from one printed piece to the next and it can significantly increase your response rates. You can put references to text fields anywhere on either side of your artwork. For example if you want "Dear Bob," on your artwork, designate that with a placeholder like this: "Dear firstName,". Besides text you can print different pictures on different mail pieces as well. You are encouraged to take full advantage of this technology.

QR Codes: Easily add a unique QR Code for every mail piece. These QR Codes can be directed to a general or a personal landing page (pURL). Then when a recipient scans their unique QR Code on a mobile device, within seconds we'll send you an email or text message so you'll know who scanned it and where they scanned it.

Benefits to You When We Also Do the Mailing:

  1. Better Pricing. Combined printing and mailing efficiencies give better pricing.
  2. Less Cost. No shipping/delivery costs between Star Digital Print and a third-party mailer.
  3. Simpler Project. There is never an issue with the mail house damaging too many mailing materials.
  4. Less Stress. We will manage the mailing project from start to post office. We are solely responsible for the quality and accuracy of the mailing project.
  5. Saves Time. There is no delay between printing and mailing.