Add Sparkle and Shine

Add Sparkle and Shine

Looking for ways to stand out, get noticed, and be distinctive? Uniqueness lives here.

Ways you can create curiosity and draw attention to you print pieces:

  1. Add Color. Improve response and draw attention to your illustrations and pictures by using strong, vibrant color.
  2. Add UV Coating. Pictures on coated card stock get a real kick with UV coating.
  3. Add Clear Dry Ink. Add subtle patterns and watermarks, draw attention to headlines and text, highlight photos and logos and other effects to grab attention.
  4. Use Metallic Gold. When you have the opportunity to create a rich, welcoming piece, use our Metallic Gold Dry Ink in your design.
  5. Hearty Thickness. Thick stock conveys stability, strength, and permanence. Like a 50pt (1/16th inch) thick sales tag.

Add uniqueness, "Wow" your customers, and differentiate your business.

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